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My Calling Found Me

I love the path that led me to the place I am today, though very unexpected. Growing up in X, I decided early on X.  Sparked from my passion for learning and love for my family, I was fortunate to earn my Master’s in business to bolster my entrepreneurial adventures.  


My arts-entrepreneur journey began in 2012. My 3-year-old son had expressed an interest in learning piano, but after a lengthy search, I discovered that most teachers in my neighborhood considered him too young and had waitlists 30+ long.


But I wanted something more than the average living room music lesson. I wanted him to see other students playing different instruments. I wanted it to be social. And I wanted the flexibility to introduce music in ways that appealed to all his senses. In defining what I wanted for my son, I discovered a desire to bring this experience to other families who wanted the same for their children. I started Neighborhood Music in my basement in three makeshift studios. Within six months, we had 8 teachers and 75 students, and within a year, we had 150 students flowing through our home each week! Shortly after beginning Neighborhood Music, I added a children’s theatre company to the business with the help of my incredible teaching staff. Fully realized plays in our backyard with sets, full tech, costumes, and a cardboard stage, soon needed more room to accommodate more students with the word of mouth spreading from the families we served.

Reaching New Heights

We moved into our first commercial location in 2015 and then into the Stanley Marketplace in 2018. With 52 teachers and five administrative staff, Neighborhood Music & Theatre provides 18 instrumental tracks and produces 6 children’s theatre productions along with 22 theater-based summer camps. Eight rock bands including an adult folk band create the element of social connection and fun/party/etc. Priding =ourselves on unique performance and learning opportunities, students have the opportunity to travel from Mozart’s home in Vienna, The Tosca Opera Festival near Rome, to New York to perform on Broadway. Our music and theater programs are also part of 12 Denver area public schools curriculum. Most recently, I became the Executive Director for the dance company, jk-co Contemporary Dance, and art collective, Factory Five Five, provide new expanded outlets for creative expression.

Professional Experiences

Corporate sales/Advertising (telecom) ­­­­­— USWest, Qwest


Politics — Veteran of multiple city-level political campaigns serving a variety of roles from Treasurer, Strategist, to Field Operative.



Community outreach on FasTracks — Facilitator of large community meetings, designed outreach plans, hosted and organized community and large public input meetings by collaborating with faith and civic leaders in many of Denver’s communities.


English and Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts, MSU                       


Executive Business Administration, MBA, University of Denver


My Journeys